Youth Premier “pumped and excited” for program


This year’s Youth Premier of  the 120 Youth Parliament participants, Oussama Abou-Zeid, is “pumped and excited” for next week.

“It’s such an honour to be able to give back to the YMCA”, he said.

Currently studying construction management, Abou-Zeid first joined Youth Parliament last year, excited about the opportunity to debate issues relevant to young people.

“Youth Parliament gives me the opportunity to advocate for youth from all over Victoria,” he said. “The program brings everyone together, no matter where they are from, to voice their concerns.”

“The possibility of our actions becoming real law is pretty damn cool.”

As a part of the Hobson’s Bay team, Aboud-Zeid and his team members will debate the issue of 24/7 public transport.

He believes Victoria is behind the times when it comes to the public transport system.

“World class cities have 24/7 public transport and we need it. When we go out we want to come home safe. We want shift workers to be safe when leaving work, and parents to make it home to their children.”

As Youth Premier, Abou-Zeid hopes to give back to the program that has given him so much.

“I really want to help participants with the program, and feel satisfied that I’ve given back to the program that has helped me so much as a person”, he said, adding that he hopes to join the program taskforce in the coming years.

“Everybody is so passionate. I’m looking forward to hearing all the bills, but especially the one about raising the drinking age. It’s a really interesting and powerful bill, and I am all for it.”

At only 19, Abou-Zeid is already heavily involved in volunteer work and youth advocacy. He currently works in the AFL multicultural office as an AFL Community Ambassador.

When asked if he had any last words he said, “To be granted this opportunity to represent Youth Parliament, I thank you all with both hands”.

by Bonny Burrows

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