‘Life skills’ to help high school students


Students from Overnewton Anglican Community College have spent the last month drafting their proposed Bill, “Mandatory Life Skills Classes Bill”.

“Education is an importing part of creating a successful society but there are many vital skills that students are not getting from their education today,” said team leader, Asthon Buijs.

“Everyone deserves to know how to manage their finances, care for their health and have the general skills that are required for day to day living.”

Overnewton are proposing the reforms in order to bring “general skills that are required for day to day living” to Victorian high schools.

The current Victorian education system only enables tertiary education students to take on life skills classes. Vocational education is the only option for students who wish to study life skills.

It’s the aim of the Overnewton team to bring this area of learning into Victoria’s high schools.

“Life skills is something that a lot of youths are excited by, so if it gets passed it will hopefully be something that future generations have as well,” said Buijs.

The Overnewton team consists of Asthon Buijs, Brittany Barszell, Joel Jones, Cihan Icer, Marcus Pensa and Tijen Irnak.

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