Plain packaging of alcohol a “complete logistical nightmare”

Team members from the Korin Gamadji Institute (KGI) have failed to successfully pass their bid for alcohol plain packaging in Victoria.

The Bill for the ‘Plain Packaging of Alcohol’ was met with serious debate in the Legislative Assembly on the last sitting day of YMCA’s Youth Parliament.

Sponsor for the Bill, Marriette Spark introduced the Bill to the house as a means to put Victorian’s health on the forefront of legislation, emphasising the need for Victorian law to safe guard future generations.

KGI team member, Kate Wall described visiting prisoners in institutions and hearing their stories of alcohol addiction.

“One man described being a son and a father,” she told the house. “Alcohol has not only ruined his life but also the lives of others. I ask the opposition, would the murderer’s victims still be alive if the alcohol had been plainly packaged?”

Fierce opposition against the Bill focused on logistical issues as well as the effects alcohol plain packaging would have on society.

Members opposing the Bill described it as a “complete logistical nightmare” and it would be “so much work for so little payoff.”

Refuter, Matilda Bell-Wilcock asked the house where plain packaging would end if the Bill were to pass.

“Are we also proposing to sell jelly beans in black bags so that children and parents can be warned of the dangers?”

The final count for the Bill was 22 for and 31 against, defeating the Bill.

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