A Bill for Safe Injecting Centres Passes through YP

By Zainab Abou-Eid

The bill to introduce medically supervised injecting centres in Victoria was passed after an intense and powerful debate in Youth Parliament.

Protecting the community from exposure to discarded syringes and public IV drug use were the main focuses for the young people in the YMCA Youth Parliament program.

The team said they felt strongly about drug issues and believed a solution needed to be found in the government and community.

YMCA Youth Parliament is a formal platform for young people between the ages of 16 and 25 to participate in the political community and have their voices heard in the state parliament.

The program has instigated more than 20 bills that have prompted state legislation.

The YMCA team had the protection of the community at their best interest, hoping to create a safer environment for all citizens.

Team member Mr Holland said he believes the issue of drug use in Victoria is a concern and drug abusers need to be empowered to believe they can overcome this problem.

No one wants to be a burden on society, it is our duty to help those who want to help themselves,” he said.

We should not let stigma and fear stand in the way of potential victory.”

The voices of concern that derive from members of the YMCA team are also echoed by the Victoria drug treatment and support system where every year they help more than 40,000 people dependant on drugs.

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