Thursday July 6th – Legislative Assembly


9:35am: Glen Waverley Secondary College introduces Bill seeking to provide a mentoring program for juvenile offenders.

9.46am: “We must see juveniles first and foremost as people. Instead of locking away our problems, it is time we got to the root of this issue.”

9.48am: Why mentorships rather than punishment or counselling sessions? According to Ms Jeffrey, mentorship relationships formed will be far more significant and meaningful.

9.54am: What is the best way to help juvenile offenders? “Breaking the cycle.”

10.06am: “It is not like they are monsters. We are dealing with children!”

10.24am: “While this amendment is petty, the opposition did directly request we insert this amendment.”

10.27am: What a great debate concluding with the bill passing convincingly!



10.48am: The Improving Services for Transgender and Gender Diverse Victorians Bill 2017 is being read for the first time in the Legislative Assembly

10.50am: Sarah Cadzow is sharing her own experience as a trasngender individual who has been treated unfairly due to not being able to classify herself as a female.
“I watched two birthdays go by waiting for approval by the government. No individual deserves to face that kind of anxiety”– Hon Member Sarah Cadzow (Government).

10.55am: The Opposition claims that the bill needs “some serious reconsideration” in order to go ahead

10.57am: “Education is not about indoctrination…it is a simple human right”- Hon Mem Jonathan Han (Govt.)

11.02am: The opposition has found inconsistencies in Clause 7, and claim that the government has “lost their credibility”. It is asked that Clause 7 is to be amended by Govt. and re worded in order to remain consistent and practical.

11.06am: “We’re not just preaching tolerance it’s about acceptance”- Hon. Member Jake Stevens (Govt.)

11.08am: “I don’t have to undergo surgery and documents to express my identity, neither should transgender individuals” Hon Member McNaughton.
Many personal anecdotes and thoughts are being shared in the Legislative Assembly, filling the room up with many emotions.

11.14am: The opposition has raised a rather valid point regarding the definition of the word ‘sex’ in the bill, stating that it is necessary to know the original ‘sex’ of the individual as some diseases affect certain genders and are vital in medical situations.

11.19am: Understanding the difference between being born a gender and being an assigned gender is important, the government states.
“Your gender is what is in here (heart) and not what is between your legs”- Hon Mem Tapat

11.24am: The opposition raises a concern that the bill only addresses Victorian born citizens.

11.27am: Clause 9 is raised in question, opposition stating that it makes no jurisdictional sense.

“The bill while crucial to our community, it does not provide a practical implementation but rather a more complicated and confusing process. I commend the idea but I condemn the bill” Hon Member Reynolds

11.30am: ‘This bill brings transgender people one step closer to full Australian Citizenship in Victoria’, Hon Member Cadzow lists the benefits the bill will have on society and the transgender community.

11.32: The bill is being read a second time

11.39am: The bill is being reported to the House with amendment

11.41am: The bill has been passed

Victorian Parole Conditions Reform Bill

1.50pm- The government has introduced a bill requesting that Victorian parole restrictions are harshened.

1.54pm- The bill will have mandatory conditions to ensure that all parole leaves will not reoffend

1.55pm- “Why should a person who has committed several crimes whilst on parole, be released again?” – Honourable Member Moore

1.56pm- “Parole is a privilege, not a right.” – Honourable Member Moore

1.57pm- Honourable Member Mantikas argues the government is aiming to rouse fear in the public. “Fear that is not accurately reflected when looking at actual statistics of indictable offences whilst on parole.”

1.59pm- “We need to look at the facts and act responsibly – Something that this bill does not do.” – Honourable Member Mantikas

2.00pm- “Why is the government so afraid to give people second chances” – Honourable Member Mantikas

2.02pm- The opposition believe that the bill is “completely and utterly wrong.” They argue it is “contradictory”. – Honourable Member Healy

2.03pm- Honourable Member Tapat quotes an overwhelming number of cases that exemplify the need for the implementation of the Bill

2.05pm- “Parole is outdated and needs to significantly improve.” – Honourable Member Tapat

2.06pm- “Stricter punishments do not always mean better punishments.” – Honourable Member Yiannakoudakis.

2.07pm- Honourable Member Yiannakoudakis calls the introduced bill a “blanket ban” on all offenders.

2.09pm- In 2014 reoffending in Victoria hit over 40%

2.10pm- The opposition counters the above statistic, claiming that the high number comes from the inclusion of drug trafficking. The opposition believe only 25% actually commit a crime.

2.14pm- Honourable Member Vervarigos believes the bill put forward should be on education the public on parole rather than parole conditions.

2.16pm- Honourable Member Cai – “This bill considers the wellbeing of all members of the community.”

2.17pm- “Our safety is so closely tied with the current parole conditions, which are unreliable and ultimately corrupt.” – Honourable Member Cai

2.18pm- “Do we really trust these conditions that release reoffenders into the community where our family and loved ones are?” – Honourable Member Cai

2.19pm- “Look at the facts not the scare stories” – Honourable Member Lambert

“Criminals deserve the right to rehabilitation.” – Honourable Member Lambert

2.20pm- Honourable Member Carrier calls on the government to consider the publics safety. “Parole is in the best interests of the Victorian community.”

2.21pm- “If you fight fire with fire then the whole world burns.” – Honourable Member Howe

2.23pm- Honourable Member Murphy calls on the opposition to

2.24pm- Honourable Member Reynolds argues that we need to “fix the system.”

2.26pm- Honourable Member Reynolds argues that the system we currently have works. “Structures and mechanisms are in place for the checks and balances to occur.”

2.30pm- Honourable Member Stevens asks the opposition to consider the case studies presented by the government. “How dare these victims be nothing more to you than just scare stories.”

2.32pm- Regarding the falling reoffender statistics; “We should not remain complacent.” – Honourable Member Han

2.36pm- Requested amendments:

  • Amendment of clause 5.6 (for the greater emphasis on rehabilitation) resolved in the affirmative with a division of 37 to 21
  • Amendment of clause 6.2 (for parole leaves to check in every 3 days instead of every day)

2.48pm- A division is called to determine if the bill has passed.


Adjournment Debates

3.07pm- Shia Lin The is talking about the safe schools program in her debate

3.10pm- Directed to Member Foley, discussing the meaning of the word “slut” and delving into the issue of misogyny – Eiddwen Jeffrey

3.13pm- Directed to the Minister for Health. David Storey-Mills is discussing drug addiction in his adjournment debate ” What does drug addiction… say about Australia itself.”

3.17pm- Addressing his speech to Daniel Andrews, Suleiman Mugisha extremely emotional while discussing the issue of stereotypes when it comes to ethnicity and skin colour. He says that due to his skin colour people expect him to be “illiterate.”

3.22pm- Igor Subsis De Acevedo talking about the role politicians play in an active and well functioning democracy. Lets make sure we become active citizens

3.24pm- Fatima Mozaffari debating the real meaning of Australia Day and receiving real support from both sides of the chamber! She draws from her own families experience in Afghanistan to explain that she understands what it’s like to be

3.29pm- Jonathan Han speaking off the cuff and thanking all members of the chamber. He is using his 2 mins to explain the greta opportunities that Youth Parliament is providing young people in Victoria.

3.31pm- Press Gallery just got a special thank you from MURRAY HAMMERSLEY in his off script adjournment debate! We love doing what we do so THANK YOU MURRAY!

3.40pm– Tanna Reynolds once again finishing of the debate after being asked by the Speaker for one final pun


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