Thursday July 6th – Legislative Council

Regulation of Access and Distribution of Irrigation Water Bill 2017 

9.33am- Gannawarra Shire Council team tables a bill to the Youth Parliament of Victoria addressing the access and distribution of irrigation water for Victorian farms.

9.41am- Wellington Youth Council lead’s the Government’s rebuttal of the proposed bill.

9.44am- Hon Mem Lodge of the Gannawarra team outlines that there are four different types of water.

9.47am- The number of dead farms is going to increase if this bill is not passed, outlines Hon Mem Widdison.

9.49am- The ecosystem will be disrupted, should this bill be passed, argues Hon Mem Field of the Wellington Youth Council.

9.51am- “Farmers become in debt because of a lack of water,” outlines members of the Gannawarra team.

9.53am- An increase in dams and channels will cause an increase of drownings, argues Hon Mem Cepurso for the Wellington Youth Council team.

9.38am- “”Water, it’s our human right to have it…well some farmers don’t have such a basic human right,” outlines Hon Mem Hamish Laity

9.59am- “I implore the Government to not the let opportunity to do some good slip by,” Hon Mem Laity finishes off his argument.

10.00am- “Where is this water going to come from?,” asks Hon Mem Rowland.

10.04am- “This bill was written awfully for someone like me to understand…I do not understand what some of the clauses are trying to do,” argues Hon Mem Doyle.

10.10am- “Is there a magical puddle of water…I know this is a serious issue but how are we going to get this water,” argues Hon Mem Dunn from the DCA team.

10.14am- “This bill is ill-suited to the state of Victoria,” argues Hon Mem Harry.

10.18am- The bill is being read for a second time, as the speaker departs the house.

10.23am- An amendment to Clause 9 is proposed by the Government, to which Hon Mem Laity labels “redundant”.

10.26am- “The Government has not thought this through,” argues Hon Mem Pilli, in relation to the proposed amendment.

10.27am- The proposed amendment does not pass, and will therefore not be part of the bill.

10.29am- The bill is being read for a third time and has successfully passed through the Youth Parliament.

10.50am- Wonthaggi SC | Compulsory First Aid in High School

Food Security Alleviation Bill

12.00pm-  The Legislative Council debates the introduction of a program to alleviate food insecurity in Victorian schools.

12.05pm- The government cautions against stigma created by labelling students “food insecure”. “They could have a target placed on their back.” – Honourable Member Ross.

12.10pm- The opposition asks that the government consider the drop out rates of food insecure children.

12.15pm- “It is more costly for our society to let our food insecure children go hungry, than it is to feed them.” – Honourable Member Hermans

12.16pm- Honourable Member Paterson notes that food insecure youths are more likely to skip school, “or drop out altogether”.

12.17pm- The opposition notes that food insecurity can lead to poor mental health, lack of energy and lack of enthusiasm. They also note that in the long term, it can cause type 2 diabetes, malnutrition and a higher rate of mortality.

12.19pm- The government suggests that perhaps subsidising groceries will be a more effective method of combating food insecurity.

12.22pm- “In my best opinion, this bill is ineffectively written.” – Honourable Member Poole

12.28pm- “Let’s do something and not just talk.” The opposition call for the government to take action.

12.29pm- The government claims the opposition discriminates against private school and home-schooled children as their Bill outlines a program for public school children.

12.30pm- “Students cultural background differ, and who is to say that what the government provides to eat will be appropriate for them.” – Honourable Member Reardon

12.32pm- The government asks what the opposition proposes for those students who do not own a healthcare card. Will they not be eligible to receive the benefits?

12.35pm- Honourable Member Beasley asks what the opposition proposes the Bill will do once the students complete their studies.

12.36pm- “The opposition clearly don’t want to support families, they just want to help certain individuals. I ask why.” – Honourable Member Fletcher

12.39pm- “Handing out free lunch every day causes independence.” – Youth Premier Taylor-Le Page

12.41pm- “If one child is going to a public school, and one child going to a private school. One gets food and one doesn’t. How is this fair?” – Honourable Member Danks.

12.46pm- The Bill has been agreed to without amendments.

12.47pm- The bill is passed with in unanimous agreement


Public Transport Accessibility Bill 2017

1.38pm- “Imagine if you were deaf how would you travel from A to B… In this city it’s virtually impossible”, Hon. Member Kate Dunn

1.40pm-  “Visual communication can be beneficial to our entire community… not just the heard of hearing,” Hon. Member Kate Dunn

1.41pm- “You cannot put a price on equality,” Hon. Member Kate Dunn

1.46pm- “We need access to the vital information, when it is not available we are forced to follow those from the wider community,” Hon. Member Reardon

1.51pm- “Currently PTV neglect deaf people”, Hon. Member Steer.

1.57pm- Oppositions argues that the PTV app is already accessibly and provides adequate information

1.59pm- Public gallery is nearly full!

2.05pm- “We want everyone in our society to be included and not segregated”Hon. Member Sara Weir.

2.09pm- “How dare the opposition assume that public transport is accessibly to everyone… every single person in the state of Victoria needs to be catered for,” Hon. Member Fletcher

2.10pm- “What of those who suffer from visual impairments… visual aids obviously won’t help everyone” Hon. Member Bates.

2.12pm- “How many people can actually hear what is being said during announcements… often they are extremely muffled,” Hon. Member Gatto

2.14pm- “As these technologies change we shouldn’t have to go back to Parliament to debate this again and again, we need a single Bill that can handle changing technologies,” Hon. Member Antmano

2.17pm- “Once this bill is passed we will see vast improvements for all Victorians,” Hon. Member Dunn


Re-categorising dyslexia as a disability in Victorian schools

2.56pm- Honourable Member Fletcher – “Dyslexia does not impair any individual mentally.” The refuting team, Bass Coast, would like to ensure that no one is suggesting individuals with dyslexia are any less intelligent than individuals without.

3.04pm- Honourable Member Taylor argues that under this bill, children with dyslexia will finally have access to equal education.

3.05pm- Honourable Member Gatto questions why, under this bill, the parents of children diagnosed with dyslexia do not have the ability to pull their children out of the problem.

3.06pm- Honourable Member Janke notes that children will only be diagnosed with dyslexia by well-trained and well-rounded professionals

3.09pm- Honourable Member Harry notes that we already have many assistance programs for individuals with dyslexia in Victoria. Is the bill necessary?

3.10pm- “The stigma attached to those with disabilities is bad enough as it is. Categorising dyslexia as a disability will only make it worse. It pains me to say it but, not only is this bill not necessary, it will make the situation worse.” – Honourable Member Harry

3.12pm- Honourable Member McDowell – “Refusing this bill, is refusing these students the right to a fair and accessible education.”

3.13pm- Honourable Member Kershaw asks why the opposition have singled out dyslexia to add as a disability, and not other learning difficulties?

3.16pm- “It is our responsibility to recognise the difference in learning abilities.” – Honourable Member O’Bryan

3.18pm- Honourable Member O’Bryan says that by not recognising dyslexia as a disability we are limiting some individuals opportunities – Honourable

3.19pm- Honourable Member O’Bryan notes that people with dyslexia can still succeed, they just “simply learn differently”.

3.20pm- Youth Premier Taylor-Le Page labels the bill as “offensive”

3.21pm- “The teachers don’t know what to do with them. They don’t know how to help them. We need to show them now, before it’s too late. If we don’t how will people with dyslexia feel in the future. They have an important place in society, as much as we do.” – An Honourable Member from Gannawarra

3.25pm- “The answer is right here in this bill, all we have to do is pass it.” – Honourable Member Golding

3.27pm- Honourable Member Bates describes his experience of completing school with dyslexia, and the struggles of continuous bullying, and poor teaching.

“Fortunately, my family could afford to help me. I was able to achieve my full potential.”

3.31pm- Honourable Member Bates believes “we need to change the way we teach.”

3.35pm- The bill underwent amendments

3.46pm- The bill was passed.

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