Swathi Shanmukhasundaram elected Youth Parliament Premier

Laura Green, Tyson Whelan, and Gabriella Payne

26 May 2018


Youth Parliament Premier of 2018, Swathi Shanmukhasundaram, stands proudly next to a banner, moments after her election. Photograph: Laura Misale

Youth parliamentarians elected Swathi Shanmukhasundaram as their Premier today for YMCA’s annual flagship program, following her electoral speech at the training weekend.

“This is a huge learning opportunity,” the Premier said.

“I think it’s really overwhelming, because I didn’t expect it.”

Premier Shanmukhasundaram wants to spearhead health and education bills at the upcoming Youth Parliament.

Her focus is on policies which “reflect equality and address the diversity of Victorian young people”.

She was initially unsure about entering the ballot, but her team’s support encouraged her.

“I just took a chance and ran with it.”


Youth Parliament will sit at Victoria State Parliament on July 2, 3, and 5.


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