Successful Debate for St. Bede’s

By Christine Nguyen.

The future of education is looking bright for Victorian schools with St Bede’s College passing their Bill on the final day of the 2018 YMCA Youth Parliament.

Photo by Christine Nguyen. First Row (Back) Julian Taylor. Second Row Dillon Bulman, Aaron Arthur
Third Row (Front) Jeremy Mann, Rami Saab, Matthew Watson. 

Refuted by the Ivanhoe Girls team, The Life Skills Education Development Bill 2018 was passed with three amendments made.
The team consists of Aaron Arthur, Dillon Bulman, Jeremy Mann, Rami Saab, Julian Taylor and Matt Watson.

They are all confident that this Bill will positively contribute to the coming generation of high school students.
There was heavy emphasis on the current Victorian Education Curriculum not only being overcrowded but also lacking in equipping high school students with the skills necessary in transitioning into adult life.
Matthew Watson stressed that the current curriculum is a “system that sets our youth up
for failure”.

“Despite youth being more educated, they’re failing to find employment,” Ali Noura said, in support of Watson’s point.
This Bill aims to fix that discrepancy by providing compulsory education in the areas of fiscal management, occupation development, civic duties as well as health and well-being.

A minimum of 30 contact hours per school year is suggested to accommodate to school
St. Bede’s College’s Bill will allow the “next generation to be one of success and knowledge,” Mr. Mann said.
The Bill is proposed to be taught in year 9-10 and though some thought that this is too early, Nyajimma Koang emphasised that there it is “never too early to have exposure”.

“there is always room for improvement,” Koang said, within the education system.
“It is not often that students are advocating, or desperately asking to be taught more” Mr.
Watson said.

The Bill will now be handed over to the relevant minister for consideration.


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