Youth bill might be state law

Youth Parliament members Skye Gedye, Evangeline Kohler, Lucy Bice, Bella Weichard, Alexis Buccuacchino and Alicia Alvarez.

By Lachie Abbott

A team of Warrandyte High School Year 12 students have drafted a bill as part of YMCA Victoria’s Youth Parliament.

Skye Gedye, Bella Weichard, Alicia Alvarez, Lucy Bice, Evangeline Kohler and Alexis Buccuacchino will present a bill proposing the compulsory installation of water tanks on new residential sites.

The YMCA Victoria youth parliament program is open to 16 to 25 year olds. More than 30 youth parliament bills have become law.

Lachie Abbott is a member of the YMCA Youth Parliament’s press gallery.

This article originally appeared on the Manningham Leader, June 17, 2019.

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