Water a priority for students

Warrandyte High School students Lucy, Alicia, Evangeline, Skye, Bella and Alexis at Youth Parliament. Picture: Lachie Abbott

By Lachie Abbott

At the YMCA Victoria Youth Parliament a team of students from Warrandyte High School passed a proposal for the compulsory installation of water tanks on new residential sites.

The Warrandyte team’s Bill passed with 34 votes in favour and 20 against the legislation.

The Bill has now been handed to Dandenong state Labor MP Gabrielle Williams for consideration.

“It was just such a relief,” Warrandyte student Bella Weichard said. “I hope the parliament just listen to what we are trying to say. There needs to be something done because water is such a precious resource.”

This article originally appeared on Manningham Leader, July 15, 2019.

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