Students advocate for Neurodivesity Educational Bill

By Selina Zhang.

The Neurodiversity Education in Schools Bill, sponsored by a groups of Year 11 students from Hoppers Crossing Secondary College, has been passed in Victoria’s 2021 Youth Parliament.

Ayra Dayao, Evelyn Garcia, Yvette Campitelli-Slee, Tracey Duong and Haley Reginio, all 17, advocated for the establishment of a Neurodiversity Educational Body, which will institute a curriculum promoting greater understanding and acceptance of euro-divergences.

Going into the parliamentary debate, their aim was for primary and secondary schools across Victoria to meet a higher standard when it comes to supporting neuro-diverse education, so as to create a safer and more inclusive learning environment for neuro-diverse students.

Regardless of whether their Bill is eventually passed by the Victoria Government or not, they hope their audience nonetheless came away from the debate thinking, “this is something that needs to change”, and will be able to recognise the need to improve their own school’s neurodiversity programs.


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