Full List of Bills Passed 2021

Topics debated in the Youth Parliament show what really matters to young people. So which bills passed and which didn’t?

Full list of bills passed 2021:

  • Compulsory First Nations Education in Schools Bill
  • Compulsory LGBTQI+ Education for Upper Primary School Students Bill
  • Compulsory Training for Victorian Police Surrounding Sensitive Issues Bill
  • Criminalisation of Coercive Control Bill
  • Equal Access to Education Bill
  • Establishment of Gender Neutral Public Bathrooms Bill
  • Implementing a Mandatory LOTE Auslan Subject in Victorian Schools Bill
  • Improved Accessibility in Public Transport Bill
  • Increased Support for Youth Homelessness Bill
  • Increasing the Efficiency of Public Bus Systems in Ballarat Bill
  • Lowering the Age of Mental Health Confidentiality Bill
  • Mandatory Reconciliation Action Plans in Schools Bill
  • Mandatory Rooftop Gardens in CBD Bill
  • Neurodiversity Education in Schools Bill
  • Online Mental Health Hub Bill
  • Proactive Measures to Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Bill
  • Raising the Age of Criminal Responsibility Bill
  • Sustainable Agriculture Incentives Bill

Full list of bills not passed 2021:

  • Controlled Areas for Recreational Hooning Bill
  • Privately Funded Aged Care Bill

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