Benjamin Clark

Ben Clark

Benjamin Clark is an 18 year old student from Heidelberg, VIC. He is currently in his first year of a studying a Bachelor of Arts (Politics & International Studies/Media & Communications) at the University of Melbourne.

Alongside his position in the YMCA Youth Press Gallery, Ben is also a reporter for the University of Melbourne student magazine Farrago.

Ben also works two part-time jobs, plays the guitar, supports the Carlton Football Club (which makes him a very sad person) and watches way too much House of Cards.

Ben applied for the YMCA Youth Press Gallery to further hone his journalistic skills, particularly practical skills like interviewing, photography and working to a deadline which cannot be learned from a textbook.

He was also drawn to the program because he has a keen interest in Australian politics, and can often be found reading The Age or shaking his head at the twitter feed on the ABC’s Q&A.

Ben is reporting on the portfolio of education, an area which, as a tertiary student, he is very passionate about. He will particularly focus on the issue of funding distribution between government and non-government schools.

Ben hopes to one day work in or around the media, or in other positions related to government and the law.

He believes participating in the YMCA Youth Press Gallery will help prepare him for this future career, however more immediately he is simply having lots of fun and meeting heaps of awesome people.

Contact Details:
Twitter: @ben_clark56

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