Formalised debating is a wonderful way to improve public speaking skills, but do you ever wish that you could actually debate for what you believe in? The Youth Parliament of Victoria gives young people the opportunity to set the agenda, and speak passionately about a topic that they choose.

Each Youth Parliament Team will conceive a bill within the remit of Victorian law making, and just as in real Parliament, take it to the top end of Spring Street for debate amongst their peers. If voted through and passed by the members of the House, Bills are given assent by the Youth Governor of Victoria. Bills are then handed to the Government to be considered by the relevant Government Ministers.

In the Victorian Youth Parliament’s 31 year history, more than 25 pieces of State Legislation have originated in the Youth Parliament, including:

  • Roadside Drug Testing for Drivers
  • Over the Counter Availability of the Morning After Pill
  • Mandatory Wearing of a Bicycle Helmet
  • Removal of Glass from Identified High-Risk Entertainment Venues
  • Gun Reformation Laws

The Youth Parliament is unique in its capacity to provide an ongoing and accurate cross section of youth opinions throughout the state. The Youth Parliamentarians choose, and subsequently debate the issues that they have selected. It is for this reason the Youth Parliament continues to produce such a potent response from the sitting Government, and generate interest from the Media.

For 2018 the full list of bills are as follows:

  • The Prevention and Minimisation of Harmful Effects Surrounding Gambling and Betting Bill 2018
  • Implementation of Area Catchment Buses on Code Red and Extreme Fire Days 201
  • Compulsory Captioning in Victorian Cinemas Bill 2018
  • Increased Support for Wellbeing Programs in Secondary Schools Bill 2018
  • Public Availability of Sanitary Products Bill 2018
  • Sex and Gender Education Bill 2018
  • Food Production and Wastage Regulation Bill 2018
  • Compulsory Drug Education in Victorian Secondary Schools Bill 2018
  • Out of Home Care Support Reform Bill 2018
  • Sugar Taxation and Health Warning Labels Bill 2018
  • Prohibit Children’s Access to Gambling Within Online Gaming Bill 2018
  • Family Violence Rehabilitation Program Bill 2018
  • Soft Skills Education Development Bill 2018
  • Mandatory Roof Top Gardens on CBD Government Buildings Bill 2018
  • Implementation of Positive Relationships Education in Schools Bill 2018
  • Awareness of Plastic Water Bottles Impact Bill 2018
  • Lowering the Breast Screening age from 50-25 Bill 2018
  • Rape Trial Reform Bill 2018
  • Reform on Youth Court Services Bill 2018
  • Disability Accessibility Buildings Bill 2018

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