By Lucy Andrews On Tuesday last week, the Swinburne University team brought a reform to Youth Parliament asking for the introduction of concession cards and fuel vouchers for full-time higher education and international students. They also outlined the establishment of a Student Affordability Commission to oversee the implementation of the Bill and address student affordability … Continue reading SWINBURNE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF UNFAIR TRANSPORT COSTS

Thursday July 6th – Legislative Council

Regulation of Access and Distribution of Irrigation Water Bill 2017  9.33am- Gannawarra Shire Council team tables a bill to the Youth Parliament of Victoria addressing the access and distribution of irrigation water for Victorian farms. 9.41am- Wellington Youth Council lead's the Government's rebuttal of the proposed bill. 9.44am- Hon Mem Lodge of the Gannawarra team … Continue reading Thursday July 6th – Legislative Council

Thursday July 6th – Legislative Assembly

GLEN WAVERLEY 9:35am: Glen Waverley Secondary College introduces Bill seeking to provide a mentoring program for juvenile offenders. 9.46am: "We must see juveniles first and foremost as people. Instead of locking away our problems, it is time we got to the root of this issue." 9.48am: Why mentorships rather than punishment or counselling sessions? According to Ms … Continue reading Thursday July 6th – Legislative Assembly

Tuesday July 4th – Legislative Council

9.41am: Debate has begun on the 'Victorian Container Deposit Scheme Bill 2017 9:45am: The bill is read for the first time 9.53: The government argues back "instead of letting plastic ruin our earth why don't we help stop climate change..." 9.58am: "If we want Victoria as the place to be it needs to be inviting...no … Continue reading Tuesday July 4th – Legislative Council

Tuesday July 4th – Legislative Assembly

 9.39am- Bill on the Classification of Edible Consumables' Environmental Footprint kicks off with Nicholas Barker of Castlemaine. 9.44am- Tanna Reynolds points out the difficulties of executing this bill for smaller producers. It is not "easy peasy lemon squeezy but lemon difficult lemon difficult lemon difficult!" 9.49am- This bill helps "fight against waste and needless pollution" in … Continue reading Tuesday July 4th – Legislative Assembly