Chester Ngan



My name is Chester Ngan and I’m currently studying Secondary Education (Honours) and Arts, majoring in journalism, at Monash University.

I am passionate about empowering young people to speak up because I believe that they have the most incredible power to inspire a positive change in the world. As such, it is extremely important that they are given meaningful opportunities, like the YMCA Youth Parliament, to voice their ideas and shape policies on issues that matter to them.

I am interested in journalism and aspire to be a broadcast journalist. My experience in writing and journalism began during my time as College Captain at my secondary school. I wrote monthly reports for the school newsletter, and often contributed to Connect (an education magazine) and the Victorian Student Representative Council’s #VicSRCvoices blog series. I also crafted content for and regularly updated my school’s student Facebook page.

This year, I am a journalist for Panorama, the flagship news and current affairs program on SYN 90.7FM. I also regularly volunteer at the VicSRC as part of the communications team.

The Youth Parliament Press Gallery is a great opportunity for me to pursue not only my interest in journalism, but also my passion for empowering young people. As a member of the Press Gallery, I look forward to sharing and spreading the voices of the youth parliamentarians.

You can reach me via:

Twitter: @ChesterNgan


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