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My name’s Kergen and I’m a co-editor of this year’s Youth Press Gallery! I’m really excited to participate and contribute to this pretty ~fresh~ program and hope to set an awesome precedent for future Youth Press Gallerians!

Writing and personal development are two things that I’m real keen on, so programs like YPG are the PERFECT combination of both. A part of my role as editor is to ensure that articles not only come out polished for publishing, but that authors can leave the program and feel as though they’ve gained insights into their writing who they are as writers.

This is also my first time as an editor of, well, anything really, so I’m keen to learn what it’s like on the other side of the keyboard doing all the track changes and the whatnots and the wha-whoozey’s (insert picture of Abe Simpson here). My experience comes from volunteering as a subeditor and contributor of the University of Melbourne’s student magazine Farrago and a good ol’ love for the write with the completion of a (mostly) self-edited research thesis.

Okay I think I’ve satisfied my ego enough now so I’ll wrap up with some fun stuff! I am a total camp head and I facilitate a camp with the YMCA like (no joke) one-to-two times a month (it destroys my uni lyfe but I LOVE it) and I’m obsessed with Hamilton: An American Muscial (Lin-Manuel Miranda is a lyrical genius lbr). Otherwise, in my spare time, I make waves in the fashion industry with my iconic mismatched Converse and lowkey obsession with collecting (and then wearing) camp t-shirts (it’s literally my whole wardrobe it’s becoming a problem).

Anyway, I also have an issue with over-talking, but I will wrap up this little bio with just how excited I am for the program to commence. I think we have an absolutely fantastic team of aspiring journos and writers and I cannot wait to learn from them all – they already inspire me an absolute ton.

Rock on!

Kergen. 🙂

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