Kim Koelmeyer

xKim Koelmeyer

Kim is a 19- year-old student and freelance writer. She is currently studying Arts (Journalism), Law and a Diploma of Language (Chinese) at Deakin University. She also contributes to Hijacked: an online publication targeted at Australian university students.

In participating in this year’s Press Gallery, Kim hopes to gain an insight into Political Journalism, as well as learn how to work to tight deadlines. She’s also interested in watching our youth engage with the law, and contrast that to our current politicians- especially in light of this federal election year.

One day Kim hopes she can synthesise all areas of her study, and work where the law and journalism intersect, such as media law or court reporting. But for now, she’s up for anything and everything if the world will let her (and maybe even if it won’t).

When Kim’s not writing or studying, she’s lying in bed scrolling through the internet until she falls asleep.

Check out some of Kim’s work here.


Twitter: @mirroreyedgazer

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