Lexie Huculak

xLexie Hucklack

Lexie is a pre-service secondary teacher, studying her Masters at La Trobe University. Recently graduated from a Bachelor of Youth Work, and with a background in film studies, the Press Gallery photography is in good hands.

Lexie has a passion for all things that involve learning – between university and teaching, she’s a lover of youtube tutorials about anything. If she can learn from it, or teach someone about it, there’s no doubt that you’ll see her pop up.

In between all the knowledge and the learning, Lexie also loves exploring new places, and getting to know new people.

Lexie has been involved in the YMCA for the last two years, volunteering on various programs, mainly as a communications leader. Lexie was the 2015 recipient of the Volunteer of the Year – Camping Adventures award.

Email: alexandra.huculak@ymca.org.au

Twitter: @lexiehuculak

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