Luke Collins

Luke Collins

Luke Collins is a student at Monash University who is completing a Bachelor of Arts degree. He is studying Journalism, Criminology and Creative Writing. After he graduates Luke would like to travel the world and experience many different cultures, he would also like to write about his travels and would eventually like to work as a journalist in print and documentary making. He is interested in many different fields of journalism, some of which include crime, politics, entertainment and travel.

Luke is very interested in sports and fitness, he has played basketball for various teams over the past 13 years, he also plays indoor soccer, goes to the gym and enjoys running. Luke has a keen interests in politics on both a state and federal level.

Luke believes this program is a fantastic opportunity for the youth of Victoria to show their passion and interest in the world around them. It also allows him to learn from journalists and gain valuable experience in the press gallery.

Luke has a passion for youth issues and also volunteers for AIME which is a program that aspires to help young Indigenous people reach their best potential.

Contact Details:
Twitter: @lucol8

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