Maggy Liu


Maggy Liu is a 19 year old Chinese-born kiwi who has recently hopped across the ditch from Auckland to Melbourne in order to complete a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne. Currently, she intends to major in International Relations and Media & Communications.

Maggy believes Youth Parliament is an awesome chance for her to become more informed about Australian politics and find out what the important issues are for young people in Victoria.

Aside from taking photos, watching movies and learning to cook in her spare time, Maggy loves to colour her rather ordinary life with hastily strung together words and pictures that she throws onto own blog.

The ‘dream’ for her would be to have the time and resources to produce high quality, long form investigative journalism stories. She wants to empower communities by bringing corruption to light and giving voice to the forgotten, hopefully creating positive change as a result.

That being said, she definitely knows that she has a long way to go and is more than happy to dive into any and all opportunities that comes her way to help her build life experiences or character.

You can contact her through the links below, don’t be a stranger!


Twitter: @themaggyliu

Instagram: @themaggyliu_

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