Meet the 2021 Team

Abbygail Shun

Hi, I’m Abby! I’m finishing up my final year at the University of Melbourne, where I major in Politics, International Studies and Media Communications. I find international relations and journalism to be intertwined and am so interested in how they are the building blocks of our modern society. I love storytelling and can’t wait to take the passion projects of our participants at Youth Parliament to the world stage. I love travelling and am counting down the days to see the world again. My other hobbies include writing music and listening to T-Swift on repeat.

Tell us about your work!

I cover the video journalism and social media marketing parts of the Youth Press Gallery. Apart from finding ways to record zoom interviews, I’m also working on a couple general media pieces for Youth Parliament.

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Twitter: abbygail_shun

Instagram: abbygrll

Linkedin: Abbygail Shun

Charlie Goldberg

Hey! My name is Charlie and I’m currently in my third year at The University of Melbourne majoring in Gender Studies and Media & Communications. My interest in journalism stems from its ability to create change and hold people and structures to account. My hobbies include: stressing about climate change, buying books and never reading them, and listening to podcasts on public transport because I refuse to learn how to drive

Tell us about your work!

I am covering two bills going through Youth Parliament this year. One is being put forward by the Castlemaine team and is calling for mandatory genderless bathroom signage in all public building. The other is from the Overnewton team and is proposing the creation of safe spaces for stunt and dangerous driving, to hopefully reduce the hazards to people and community posed by hooning.

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Twitter: @cvg2nd

Instagram: @charlieg1905

Emily Dobson

I’m Emily! Currently I am in my final year of a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism). I have a keen interest in politics, dogs and giving a voice to the voiceless. I also love exclamation marks!!!

Tell us about your work!

I cover the video journalism and social media marketing parts of the Youth Press Gallery. Apart from finding ways to reco am working with the social media team to create a fun and colourful media outlet that covers all things youth parliament!

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Twitter: @emilydobsonn

Instagram: @em.dobson

Farah Hawi

Hi! My name is Farah; I’m a first-year journalism and diploma of Arabic student at Deakin University. I’m very new to media and communications, but writing and telling stories is a passion, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the Youth Press Gallery! I believe that journalism is essential in being the voice of different peoples, and I hope to represent those voices in the future.

Tell us about your work!

The two teams I’ll be covering will be the Melbourne High and Ivanhoe Girls Grammar teams. The Melbourne High team will have drafted a bill to regulate aged care and residential aged care facilities. The Ivanhoe Girls grammar team will be proposing a Bill to enact an authoritative body preventing sexual harassment in workplaces. Both teams are very motivated and are looking to make a change and become the voice for young people in Victoria.

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Twitter: @HawiFarah

Jacob Gamble

I’m Jacob, an inner city leftie with a passion for storytelling, grassroots change, and all things queer. I’m studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Journalism at Monash University. On the side, I host Monday Breaky on 3CR Community Radio, and write for MOJO News. I’m thrilled to be on the Press Gallery this year reporting on a cohort of very inspiring young change makers.

Tell us about your work!

One of my teams is advocating to Raise the Age of Criminal Responsibility from 10 to 14. Their Bill is about strengthening alternative education and rehabilitation for young people engaging in crime. My other team is pushing for better mental health care systems in VIC, proposing a centralised data collection system and a greater focus on accessibility of mental health services.

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Twitter: @JacobAGamble

Instagram: @jacob.gamble

Prealene Khera

My name means “Too Lazy” in Romania, but I’m anything but (at least on most days.) I’ve worked with magazines and news outlets back home in India, but the Youth Press Gallery has given me the opportunity to put my foot in the proverbial ‘Australian Media’ door. I am also finishing my Masters in Journalism soon and I hope that my experience in the YPG combined with my degree helps me actualise my dream of telling stories that matter.

Tell us about your work!

The bills that I am covering have so much merit, they talk about two substantially powerful issues. The team from the Korin Gamadji Institute wants to make First Nations education compulsory in all Victorian schools, to aid in better understanding of Indegnious culture. The second bill I’m covering comes from Bendigo, and it revolves around equitable access to educational resources between rural, regional and metropolitan Melbourne. 

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Twitter: @PrealeneKhera

Instagram: @prealene_khera

Ruby Sait

I’m an aspiring journalist, working towards getting into University to study Communications (Journalism). I’m unsure what area of journalism I want to pursue. I also have passion in helping young people in residential care. I hope by doing this future residential care young people have a better experience than myself and others and are able to speak up.

Tell us about your work!

Wellington Shire Council are fighting to help those who are experiencing youth homelessness with this bill to increase support for youth homelessness.The City of Whittlesea is fighting for improving accessibility in public transport. Mainly focusing on being able to accommodate those with disabilities.

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Twitter: @RubySait

Instagram: @r.esaitx

Samantha Wheeler

I’m Samantha, a recent graduate from Deakin with a Bachelor of Science (Cell Biology) and Arts (Professional and Creative writing). Currently working as an Editorial Assistant with The Conversation. I’ve previously worked for Parliament of Victoria and have experience with digital advocacy and science research. Growing up as a mixed-raced woman I want to amplify the voices of People of colour, and deeply care for workers rights, sustainability, mental health, and financial transparency.

Tell us about your work!

Amazing group from Tarneit Senior College is fighting to lower the age of mental health confidentiality from 18 to 16 years old. Another group of young people from Newhaven college is fighting for compulsory training for Victorian Police surrounding sensitive issues. It’s a privilege to cover both of these bills.

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Twitter: @Samanthaaarrrr

Instagram: @Samanthaaarrr

Linkedin: SamanthaJanineWheeler

Selina Zhang

Hi! My name is Selina, and I am majoring in Media and Communications at the University of Melbourne. I believe journalism is about broadcasting the perspectives and needs of all members of society, not just those in positions of power. Which is why I’m so excited for this opportunity to amplify the voices of young people who are passionate about the causes that they believe are under-represented in the government and media today. 

Tell us about your work!

The two teams that I will be covering are Deaf Victoria and Hoppers Crossing Secondary College. The Deaf Victoria team have drafted a Bill calling for all Victorian schools to introduce a mandatory AUSLAN LOTE subject. The team from Hoppers Crossing are proposing the establishment of a Victorian Neurodiversity Educational Body. Both groups are hoping to advance educational reforms, and want to create a learning environment that is more inclusive, accessible and non-discriminatory. 

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Twitter: @SelZhang

Instagram: @selinazhang_

Simone Costa

Hey, I’m Simone. I’m a final year Bachelor of Media and Communication student at La Trobe University. I’m excited to be a Youth Parliament journalist and amplify the voices of young people, 
particularly when it comes to climate change and First Nations justice. Outside of the YPG and Uni, I love video games, language learning and coffee!

Tell us about your work!

Oonah/Yarra Ranges has a bill that if passed will place First Nations Reconciliation Action Plans in all Victorian schools. Moyne has a bill that if passed will establish a Victorian Committee For Sustainable Agriculture

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Twitter: @SimoneCosta878

Instagram: @simonecos_

Simone Kealy

I’m an aspiring journalist who’s passionate about the media and politics. Outside of YPG, I’m an editor for MOJO News and I produce and co-host the radio show NoTheory.

Tell us about your work!

Westbourne Grammar is fighting for LGBTIQ+ education in upper primary in order to tackle bigotry and discrimination. Y Ballarat’s bill focuses on improving the efficiency of buses in Ballarat in response to the influx of city dwellers moving to the country.

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Twitter: @KealySimone

Instagram: @simonekealyy

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