Meet the Team

Bri Hines

Why did you join the Youth Press Gallery?

I joined the Youth Press Gallery with the vision of elevating the inspiring work of other young people, and to hopefully aid in shaping a world that honestly values the voices of our generation. Young people are often regarded as a singular demographic that only cares about ‘youth issues’, but the truth is that all matters in our word directly impact young people, and as such, we deserve to have our thoughts heard and our work is seen.

Twitter: @brihines_

Hachins D’Souza

Why did you join the Youth Press Gallery?

As a youth organisation, young people are not just the leaders of tomorrow, as the platitude goes — but also the active leaders of today. I hope to use this platform to prove it! As an aspiring journalist passionate about youth advocacy, I am drawn to Press Galley as it helps broadcast the voice of young Victorians, like myself, in the public domain. Leveraging my experiences in the media industry, I am excited by the prospect of working intensively in alongside like-minded peers.

Jagveer Singh

Why did you join the Youth Press Gallery?

A few years ago, I was a part of the YMCA Youth Parliament program, at the end of which, I felt like I made a difference to people’s lives. It wasn’t just because of the speeches we gave in the magnificent but also by having our voice heard in the community, through the help of the Youth Press Gallery. I want to empower young people and make their voices heard, and this program is a powerful way to do that.

Twitter: @Jagveer_S1ngh

Instagram: @Jagveer_S1ngh

Laura Placella

Why did you join the Youth Press Gallery?

I joined the Youth Press Gallery for the same reason I want to be a journalist: to tell people’s stories and amplify their voices. Those under 18 years old are not able to vote in elections, but they still have voices that should be heard by those elected. It is my career aspiration to be a political journalist and I believe this program will provide me with valuable press gallery experience I can carry with me into the future.

Twitter: @lauraplacella

Instagram: @laura.placella

Lee Robinson

Why did you join the Youth Press Gallery?

I joined the Youth Press Gallery to give a voice to the millions of young Australians who are too often overlooked or dismissed. Through my participation I hope to champion our future leaders by shining a light on the issues that matter most to our nation’s youth. I am passionate about uncovering stories that go unnoticed and presenting them in a creative and intuitive way.

Twitter: @leesaulrobinson

Lucy Turton

Why did you join the Youth Press Gallery?

I joined the Youth Press Gallery because it provides a fantastic platform for stories that inform, engage, and inspire young audiences. As a strong advocate for the accessibility and transparency of information, I am excited about the opportunity to report on the issues that matter most to young people, communicate their ideas and opinions to the wider political and social world, and offer an avenue for them to publicly hold decision-makers to account.

Twitter: @lucymturton

Mark Yin

Why did you join the Youth Press Gallery?

I joined the YPG because I’m really passionate about bringing people into the political processes that affect them, particularly people who mightn’t usually get much of a say. Young people are really affected by this, in part because of the big, structural issues we’re facing as a generation. I thought the YPG would be a great opportunity to work with and lift up some of the young people who are tackling those issues and trying to make a difference.

Twitter: @markriah

Instagram: @myin.rbc

Matthew McDonald

Hi, I’m Matt! I’m a media/comms major at Unimelb with a dream to one-day host PlaySchool… or maybe the ABC News or something. At Youth Press Gallery, I can mobilise this dream, strengthen my story-telling abilities and also engage with the voices leading the charge to towards a more youth-centric Victoria. It’s not cool that only 1% of Australian news stories quote young people, so I’m keen to help increase that and also collab with other driven people!

Twitter: @MatthewM68

Instagram: @mattmcdonald68

Tik Tok: mattymcd6

Pranjali Sehgal

Why did you join the Youth Press Gallery?

I joined the YPG program because we need to empower the youth by giving their vision a voice, a platform and an outcome. I am passionate about digital media and untold stories and think better communication and representation are essential for a better society. I’m excited to be a part of the program and to work alongside peers who share the same vision!

Twitter: @pranjalisehgal

Instagram: @pranjalisehgal

Winter Greet

Why did you join the Youth Press Gallery?

I joined the YPG to support Victorian youth to share their opinions and make their voices heard. I believe more than ever young people must be listened to, given the current political climate and drastic effects on climate change

LinkedIn: Winter Greet

Xenia Sanut

Why did you join the Youth Press Gallery?

It is important to show young people that they can change our collective narrative and to teach them how they can change it for the better. Journalism has a significant role in shaping that narrative because if we don’t tell stories, we can’t remember who we are, why we’re here and what we can achieve. Through the Youth Press Gallery, I hope to one day be a good enough journalist to truly be of service to the people.

Twitter: @SanutXenia

Instagram: @xeniasanut

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