Mihika Hegde

Mihika Raj

Mihika Hegde is currently completing a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) degree at RMIT. Fresh out of high school, she decided to pursue journalism for two reasons; she always had a love for hearing stories but it was sharing them that gave her a buzz. Politics attracted a surface level of her interest but it was the people behind the issues that she was curious about. Mihika has always had a passion for social justice issues. She believes that awareness is the first step to change. For this reason, she aims to become an investigative journalist. Primarily, she’s keen to work with different kinds of people; a quality of the job that drew her in. In the future, she hopes that her career allows her to travel and gain a holistic knowledge of live around the world.

Mihika was drawn to the Youth Parliament program because it contradicted one of the many clichés regarding todays youth; lazy disengagement. She’s keen to work with people to hear their ideas, the things that they care about. She figures, the earlier youth are given the opportunity to effect positive change, the quicker they’ll learn that it’s not a far fetched intangible concept but a something that’s within their reach.

Contact Details:
Email: mihika.hegde@ymca.org.au
Twitter: @from_mihika

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