Natasha MacFarlane




Hello I’m Natasha!

I’m 22 years old and an Arts student at Deakin University, majoring in Journalism and Politics.

I have a strong interest in both journalism and politics and hope to one day make it as a political reporter at either a state or national level. The YMCA Press Gallery is an excellent combination of the two, and will hopefully give me real insight into the workings of parliament and the role of a political reporter.

Last year I completed an internship with the Bendigo Weekly newspaper which happened to coincide with the 2016 Federal election (talk about perfect timing). I was lucky enough to follow around multiple politicians for the three weeks, while also covering other local stories. I have also held the role of Director of Communications and Marketing at the Williamstown Life Saving Club.

I really look forward to being part of a program that gives young people such a powerful platform to express their views and issues that matter most to them.


Connect with me!

Twitter: @natashamacfarl



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