Rochelle Kirkham

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Rochelle Kirkham is a 19 year old second year journalism student at RMIT University.

Alongside a position on the YMCA Youth Press Gallery, Rochelle is a reporter with news and current affairs program Panorama on SYN 90.7FM and contributes to RMIT University’s Catalyst Magazine.

Rochelle is passionate about storytelling and is motivated to work towards a career in journalism in the future.

She is excited to travel the world and discover Australia while experiencing different cultures and hearing new stories.

Rochelle is passionate about social justice and the environment, believing awareness on issues is the first step to change.

She is excited to work on the Youth Press Gallery and hear the bills debated in Parliament. She thinks it is a fantastic platform for young people to voice what is important to them in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Rochelle’s work can be found on her website.


Twitter: @RochelleKirkham


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