Tess Ikonomou

Tess Iknonomou

Tess is a journalism student at Monash University. She is currently into the second year of studying the Bachelor of Journalism degree. Her insatiable curiosity about the world she lives in, led Tess to studying politics, which eventually led to her minoring in human rights. A community broadcaster at SYN, Tess contributes to the political show Represent, where she has conducted political interviews. She is also a weekly reporter and host for Panorama, where she covers the news and current affairs. Alongside broadcast, she also reports online. As the political editor of the student online magazine Mojo, her responsibilities include ensuring deadlines are met, and managing multiple stories and reporters. The Mojo newsroom has provided an invaluable experience.

The transition from print to online has firmly engrained her belief that all journalists must be cross platform reporters. Her passion is political journalism. Intrigued the most by politics, she believes that the public must be well informed and engaged, in order for Australia’s democracy to function. Tess aspires to one day report from the press gallery.

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