Zainab Abou-Eid

xZainab Aboueid

“I was born with a fierce need for independence” is most likely the best way to sum up my biography. I am an 18-year-old ambitious young woman. Studying International Relations at La Trobe University, I hope to embark on an exciting future that is filled with engaging in the political community, and aspiring other people to follow their dreams.

I am a feminist. I promote equality for all, no matter who you are, or where you come from. Hence, why in the future I aspire to become a human rights lawyer. In addition to that, I do not believe in domestic violence of any sort, whether it be emotional, physical or mental abuse. I strongly condemn it, and passionately advocate against it.

I am socially active, love Facebook, and love to freely express my opinions on multiple issues. It is in fact the reason why I volunteered for the Youth Press Gallery. As a young Muslim, I hope to rid the multiple stereotypes that exist, I aim to empower the young generation into focusing on the most vital aspect of life, which I believe is education, and lastly I aspire to promote justice, and peace within the political arena.

I am a proud Australian, and volunteer for the ‘Peter Khalil for Wills’ Labor Campaign. It’s an excellent way to politically engage in the community, and have your voice heard.

On a lighter note, I love coffee and chocolate. I’m loud, bubbly and filled with determination. Finally, I am excited to be part of the 2016 Youth Press Gallery team, and thrilled to see what this opportunity has to offer me.


Twitter: @zainabdaiisy

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