Zara Alshammary

19691514_742836365903695_2065341515_nMy name is Zara and I am studying law and international relations at Latrobe I have always been interested and passionate about politics. Therefore, I jumped at the opportunity to work with the Youth Parliament. It has been an invaluable experience!

I love seeing people stand up for what they believe in and endeavour to make the society we live in reflect young people and the things that we hold important. I hope one day I can work within the field of politics and lawmaking, and YMCA has just solidified this more.

Writing has always been an outlet for me so the YMCA Youth Press Gallery gave me the opportunity to combine my love for writing and politics as well as meeting some interesting people I wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise.

Volunteering is important to me and has given me the opportunity to gain experience that has opened up my eyes to more of the world. Prior to the YMCA Press Gallery, I have volunteered at Edmund Rice Community Centre for a few years in order to tutor refugee children in English. I am a firm believer that everyone should have the opportunity to be heard and to communicate what is most important to them.

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