Jamal Ben Haddou

xJamal Ben Haddou

Jamal Ben Haddou is a second year journalism student at Monash University. He has a passion for political journalism with a particular focus on education policy. As well as volunteering in tutoring and mentoring, Jamal is also the education editor for Mojo News. This has provided him with invaluable newsroom experience and improved his skills in writing and editing stories to deadline.

Although he reports online, Jamal hopes to venture out into other mediums including Broadcast. In an increasingly interactive media environment, Jamal believes it is vital for emerging journalists to establish a strong online presence and use social media to engage audiences as much as possible.

Jamal is looking forward to both the Youth Parliament and Press Gallery to work alongside likeminded, passionate young people. Although the Press Gallery will provide professional experience, Jamal hopes to gain some personal development and benefits. While gaining journalism experience in the YMCA Press Gallery is important, Jamal is more attracted to the idea of creating conversation around the issues that matter to young Australians.

Email: jamal.benhaddou@ymca.org.au

Twitter: @jamalbenhaddou_

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