Netania Lim

Netania Lim

Netania Lim is in her first year of the Bachelor of Laws (Hons.) and Arts course at Monash University. She is passionate about current issues, particularly those relating to human rights, and joined the YMCA Press Gallery this year to broaden her experiences and knowledge. Netania is all about youth, and strongly believes they are the leaders of today, not just tomorrow. She loves to inspire them and empower them, and elicit their potential.

Netania has worked on various publications for her former high school, Mount Waverley Secondary College, collaborating on the school website and annual magazine to collate student articles. She also worked with Student Leaders to produce articles for Connect magazine on the development of a new Student Leadership structure and the effects on student voice and morale. Leading the inaugural Teach the Teacher team at Mount Waverley in 2015, she created a report on their year of driving change.

Netania loves to volunteer. She is an Access Monash Mentor, a volunteer tutor at the Southern Ethnic Advisory and Advocacy Council’s Homework Program, a Global Youth Ambassador for the Global Volunteer Network Foundation, and is part of Feel.Think.Flow organising a summit on the Modern Middle East. She has also spoken at Victorian Student Representative Council Regional Conferences this year about inspiring action through Teach the Teacher.

If she has any free time, Netania loves to dabble in poetry and photography, some of which can be seen here.


Twitter: @NetaniaLim

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