Tuesday July 4th – Legislative Council

9.41am: Debate has begun on the 'Victorian Container Deposit Scheme Bill 2017 9:45am: The bill is read for the first time 9.53: The government argues back "instead of letting plastic ruin our earth why don't we help stop climate change..." 9.58am: "If we want Victoria as the place to be it needs to be inviting...no … Continue reading Tuesday July 4th – Legislative Council

Tuesday July 4th – Legislative Assembly

 9.39am- Bill on the Classification of Edible Consumables' Environmental Footprint kicks off with Nicholas Barker of Castlemaine. 9.44am- Tanna Reynolds points out the difficulties of executing this bill for smaller producers. It is not "easy peasy lemon squeezy but lemon difficult lemon difficult lemon difficult!" 9.49am- This bill helps "fight against waste and needless pollution" in … Continue reading Tuesday July 4th – Legislative Assembly

The Perks of Breast Milk

By Anthea Batsakis Young people in Victoria have been racking up a fuss about breast milk as they introduced a bill in Youth Parliament that would force all Victorian hospitals to have donor centres. They say breast milk is a perk for sick or premature babies who need the nutrients when the mother isn't able … Continue reading The Perks of Breast Milk

Youth Ambassadors Take on Innovation Gap

By Netania Lim As the next generation of leaders, youth are already passionate about capitalising on innovation. A team of six East Gippsland Youth Ambassadors is advocating for mandatory entrepreneurship classes in secondary schools as part of YMCA Youth Parliament this week. They want to build confidence in young people by giving them the skills … Continue reading Youth Ambassadors Take on Innovation Gap