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Things got pretty heated by the end of the day. Literally. Members in the Legislative Council were told they could remove their jackets.

Photo - Finbar O'Mallon
Some of the members removed their jackets due to the high heat in the Legislative Council. Photo – Finbar O’Mallon

The heat must have made them crazy, because things got very shouty in the Council, but also giggly. The Speakers in both chambers were calling for order several times by the end of the day.

But the members are obviously finding their voices, much to the enjoyment of the Press Gallery and others observing. The State Member for Altona, Labor MP, Jill Hennessy, said the debates today “far surpassed” the debates normally had in Spring St’s chambers. Mr. Craig Ondarchie, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier was also quite impressed.


Photo - Finbar O'Mallon
Photo – Finbar O’Mallon
Photo - Finbar O'Mallon
Photo – Finbar O’Mallon
Photo - Finbar O'Mallon
Photo – Finbar O’Mallon

Things were slightly tamer over in the Legislative Assembly.

Photo - Finbar O'Mallon
Photo – Finbar O’Mallon

It was a huge day in terms of Bills, the last two of the day had different fates.  In the Legislative Assembly, the Bill for an increase in voluntary emergency service funding passed. The Bill for an increase in fast food regulations was defeated by a landslide in the Legislative Council: 21 for, 37 against.

The fast food Bill wasn’t the only one to be defeated today. Wangaratta’s Bill, ‘Increase of Parental Responsibility’ was also defeated: 14 for, 43 against.

Youth Parliament retires for the day. Photo - Finbar O'Mallon
Youth Parliament retires for the day.
Photo – Finbar O’Mallon

Youth Parliament is not sitting tomorrow, but that does not mean the Press Gallery is at rest.  Be sure to visit the site throughout Wednesday to stay across all things Youth Parliament.


LA: The Bill ‘increased support to rural and remote emergency service volunteers’  is passed, with 34 for and 20 against.

4: 12PM Legislative Council

The government proposes to impose more regulations on fast food.

Hon. Ms Whitehead,

“We need to break the culture of fast food eating and provide more healthy options”

The opposition has responded. The hon. Mr Nash,

“words cannot explain the stupidity of the government’s proposal”

The Hon. Mr Gover from the government said,

“If something is less convenient, people will be less likely to do it.” “It’s not an assumption, it’s anecdotal evidence”.


LA: Amendment approved.



LA: Hon. Mariette Spark says satisfaction is the major drive for the volunteers.

“Are you saying that we are all materialistic? Volunteers are there because they want to be there.”


Hon. Rachel Pulman argues back that volunteers are required to pay the average expense of $1000 to volunteer.

“This Bill just helping volunteers so that they don’t have to pay the expense to help people.”

Hon. Imogen Colton, the opposition argues.

“Volunteer is the time donation and should not include the expense.”


LA: Hon. Abbi Morvell emphasizes that the Bill is to support the volunteer, not profiting them.

“Volunteers are already devoting their precious time, and are you saying that we should charge them for volunteering in the middle of the night? This Bill is to make sure that volunteer gets sufficient support needed to do their work.”


LA: Hon. Brooke Carron from the government says volunteers don’t need monetary support.

“The major reasons to quit volunteering are no flexibility, wasted time, the feeling that volunteer is not making much difference and the no.1 is the leader who doesn’t know to lead. Aren’t they all management issue? We need a fix in this issue, not monetary support.”

Hon. Irena Vecris says the oppposition’s Bill is excessive and only encourage people to ask for even more.

“Human is naturally greedy creature.”

3:20PM Legislative Assembly

Mount Alexander Shire vs Highview on increased support to rural and remote emergency service voluteers.

Hon. Matilda Bell-Wilcook introduces the Bill urging the fair treatment for emergency service volunteers.

“The calculated amount of contribution by the volunteer amounts up to $16.4 billion.  People doing exactly the same thing in metropolitan area is regarded as professional.”

Hon. Daniel Chapman opposes.

“Volunteers don’t expect anything back…if the reimbursement and that kind thing is made, it  contradicts from what volunteer is all about.”

2.55PM The Clause 8.3 – Internships shall run for a minimum of 15 hours per week and a maximum of 36 hours this week.

The opposition proposed to amend the Bill to 10-20 hours per week, as concurrent with tertiary studies.

The amendment did not pass. The clause remains 25 were for, 33 against.

2.35PM The debate in Legislative Council is getting fiery with both side undertaking fierce debates in regards to the set standards at set in the Bill. The Bill states that to be eligible for an internship the student must a obtain a credit average. The Swinburne University team claims the Bill would encourage students to gain higher marks.

Special consideration will help those with learning difficulties however the team believe a credit mark is not too difficult to achieve.

Clause 5: Students must achieve a credit average or higher in their studies to be eligible for the programme, division was required.

The amendment did not pass. The clause remains – 33 in favour, 35 against.


[The Bill] is unreasonable for small companies.

2.27PM The point was raised in the Legislative Council by the Ivanhoe team of the Minimal skills training from employers. They claim that it would cause companies to loose money due to internships being a short term investment.

2.25PM Questions why we are denying a supportive program for those lacking experience in the workforce.


2.22PM Argues the cost of funding interns as a burden on small business. Freya

This Bill makes internships financially impossible for small businesses.


The Ivanhoe Grammar School team brings up the disadvantages to those with learning disabilities and explores the burden of interns on the productivity of companies forced supply internships. Hon. Audrey Csutoros from the opposition questions this.

What about the businesses overall productivity?


The Swinburne University team have begun debating their Bill Compulsory Internship Program for Victorian.

Without experience of working in a workplace, many places brush aside students… The Bill calls for internship programs to combat this experience gap.


The Hoppers Crossing team have begun their opening statement for the Bill looking to change the level and quality of sexual education in Victorian schools. Ashley Penrose, the sponsor for the Bill, described a harrowing scene of homophobic attacks in high schools, saying

A young man in a high school has come out as gay. In class that day he is verbally attacked by two boys who shout out that because he is gay he also has AIDS. Imagine how this boy now feels?



Teams are returning from their lunch, with the Comprehensive Sexual Education Act being debated in the Legislative Assembly, and Swinburne’s Bill to force businesses to introduce a mandatory internship program.

We’ll have some wraps for the previous debates for you soon.

Yesterday the Bill to introduce life skills training passed,  and so did the Bill to introduce compulsory Asian language studies in high schools.

Division called in the Legislative Assembly yesterday. Photo - Finbar O'Mallon
Division called in the Legislative Assembly yesterday.
Photo – Finbar O’Mallon


In the Legislative Council on the Compulsory Environmentally Sustainable Industrial Building Bill: From the government Hon. Ms Rhule,

“This is an issue we support passionately.”

“Taking risks is not in the best interest of the environment.”

Hon. Violet Davies-Brown in opposition told the government to read the Bill “very carefully”. 

Whilst Hon. Strybosch, of the government said “We will not have an entire industry blindsided and wiped out”, and argued that this Bill would harm developing industry.


Now for some colour and a photographic wrap up of today’s events so far. The Youth Parliament members gathered on the steps of Spring St and very exuberantly warmed up.

Photo - Finbar O'Mallon
Photo – Finbar O’Mallon
Photo - Finbar O'Mallon
Photo – Finbar O’Mallon

Even the YMCA staff were getting into it. Like, really getting into it.

Photo - Finbar O'Mallon
Photo – Finbar O’Mallon

Terrified Melbournians looked on…

"What are they doing mother?" Photo - Finbar O'Mallon
“What are they doing mother?”
Photo – Finbar O’Mallon

Then they all made that long file through the metal detector. As they sat down in the chambers, the Speaker of the Legislative Council was quick to point out the Hon. Member with the Best Blue Suit

The fun continues…

12:00PM Legislative Assembly

Pheonix vs AIME in LA.

Hon.Maddie Sharp introduces the Bill to call for the  mandatory driving tests for elderly over 65 years old.

Hon. Kylah Lewis opposes referring to the expected expenses.

“Why charging the elderly citizens with more expenses when they are already having tough economical situation?”

The sponsor team points out the danger of allowing unfit elderly to drive.

Hon.Brad McDonald 12:23pm

“No one wants to lose their loved one by the incapable elderly drivers.”

Hon. Jackson Ford

“Safety is the human right.”

Youth Premier Oussamma Abu-Zeid refers to the study showing people over 65 year olds taking more time to react in certain circumstances.

AIME team, the refutor doesn’t see the need for all elderly to be tested.

Hon. Kylah Lewis 12:30pm
“People are living longer these days and history shows that body will adapt.”

Hon. Jessica Hosking 12:33pm

“People should be tested for their physical ability, not judging only by the age.”

Hon. Matilda Bell-Wilcock 12:43pm

“Is it really the elderly who is dangerous? Aren’t they the one who is travelling in the safe speed?”

Hon. Maddie Sharp wraps up the debate with once emphasizing the safety of elderly themselves.

“If the elderly keeps failing in the test, they are not fit enough to drive.  Families can have the elderly safe at home in stead of putting them in the danger of causing crash..this Bill is to keep everyone safe, including the elderly.”

The Bill has passed.





LA: The introduction of 24 hr public transport bill has passed.


LC: The Bill for the increased responsibilities of parents has been unanimously passed for a second reading.


LC: Hon. Ashley Whitehead has concerns about the definition of “extracurricular activity”.

“I’m pretty sure reading a book is doing something outside of school.”


LA: Hon. Kylah Lewis argues that taxi drivers and McDonald workers are paid extra for working early/late shifts., but public transport drivers


LC: Regarding the participation in extracurricular activities, the government asks, “Is a delinquent child able to see out the benefits of an organisation such as the YMCA or Whitelion.”


LA: Hon. Rachel Pulman says “24 hour public transport could provide shelter to addicts injecting drugs…If a child were to play sleeping beauty and prick their finger on the needle, instead of 100 years of slumber they would have HIV!”


LC: The Hon. Lillian Arnold-Rendell says regarding Clause 7 that she was home-schooled.

“Does the opposition believe that we lack communication and social skills?”


LA: Hon. Nicholas West doubts that PTV can bare the burden of 24 hour operation.

“myki is very slow. Why should we add another work when it doesn’t work already?”

Hon. Ashley Penrose also argues against the opposition.

“What about the workers for public transport? Should they be work late to run the transport 24 hours?”


LC: The government is claiming that the Bill does not address prevention. “This Bill is simply a bandaid fix to a gaping wound in society” – Hon. Karl Strybosch.



LA: Hon. Ellen van der Heide says “24 hour transport has never been done in anywhere else in the world. Do we really have demand?”


LC: The government talking about Clause 8, “Subsequent offences shall result in financial penalties towards the minors’ parents.” They are arguing that children can manipulate their parents by purposely committing crimes.


 LA: Hon. Kate Wall says “Recently taxi fare has increased for 30 per cent. Are shift workers supposed to waste their money they earned for taxi?… I demand among Melbourians that deserve to be answered.”


LC: The Hon. James Gover is picking apart the Bill, asking how parents help their children if they are having income taken away from them?


LA:  Youth Premier Oussama Abu-Zeid says “2000 emloyees including doctors and nurses working late hours are denied the safety of returning home.”


LA: Hon. Imogen Colton says “will I have to pay up to $600 to fund a 24-hour service I will not use?…An increase in noise pollution, which will disrupt the much needed sleep of our citizens?”

10:51 AM

Hon. Omar Aldabel says “under 25 year olds should be allowed to have concessions for public transport.”


LC: Debate about to begin, Wangaratta vs Sale on the topic of increasing parental responsibility.


LA: debates begin on the introduction of 24 hr public transport in Victoria.


The Reduction of the Incidence of Cruelty to Animals Bill has been passed!


LC: There was division of the House to proceed with a third reading of the Bill. It was a close one, 31 for and 28 against.


LC: The speaker has reappeared!


LC: About to present the new amendment, but the speaker who has gone for a walkabout.


The  Organic Produce Bill has been passed!


Firbank/Brighton’s Bill to reduce incidence of animal cruelty will be read a second time, with overwhelming support.


The BIll for


From the LA:

“We need standards that go from the paddock to the plate..” Hon. Daniel Chapman


LC: A counter argument from the opposition regarding prevention or punishment:

“53% of offenders  go on to reoffend”.


Legislative Council: Hon. Julia Barodel:

“Contrary to some beliefs, animals do matter and do feel pain”


The opposition is arguing that the animal cruelty Bill is reactive rather than proactive:

  “Why do we not help these people before they commit acts of animal cruelty?”-Hon. Emilia Eagling-Every


From the LC:

Hon. Ashley Whitehead said the Bill should be clear like the black and white stripes of a zebra.

“It’s like a chameleon blending into the background so that no one even knows that it’s there”.


“We should have the right to know if we are truly eating organic”-Hon. Brittany Braszell


“Competition is at the heart of our capitals economy”-Hon. Irena Vecris of Highview


“The government should not be promoting some businesses over others”- Hon. Imogen Colton refuting the organic produce Bill


 “Why does something drastic have to happen before we weakly punish them.”-Hon. Ashley Whitehead in the LC


Things are getting heated up in the debate of the Bill to reduce incidence of cruelty to animals. The opposition side is claiming the Bill is weak and unclear.

“This bill has more holes than a piece of swiss cheese”- Hon. Brandon Bulowski on the Reduction of the Incidence of Cruelty to Animals Bill


“There IS a choice to purchase organic products, We ARE a free country”- Hon. Daniel Chapman, on organic produce


“Is my child going to be force fed against their will?”-Hon. Maddie Williams of Mount Alexander Shire


“We will see a decrease in non-organic products and these businesses will suffer”-Hon. Matilda Bell-Wilcock, Chamber Leader


“Why are these organic propaganda considered above everyone else?”-Hon. Alexandra Squires refuting the Organic Agriculture Bill


“We are merely protecting consumers” – Hon. Brooke Carron on the importance of organic food


Day 2 of Youth Parliament has began! First up in the Legislative Assembly is Highview College and their Bill on The Promotion of Organic Agriculture, whilst in the Council is Firbank/Brighton and their the Reduction of the Incidence of Cruelty to Animals Bill.

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