Tuesday July 4th – Legislative Council

9.41am: Debate has begun on the ‘Victorian Container Deposit Scheme Bill 2017

9:45am: The bill is read for the first time

9.53: The government argues back “instead of letting plastic ruin our earth why don’t we help stop climate change…”

9.58am: “If we want Victoria as the place to be it needs to be inviting…no body wants to live in a dirty environment”– Youth Government

9.59am: “Is it practical?”- Hon Mem Cheyenne Widdison from the Opposition questions

10.06am: “If the fact that Victorian citizens are willing to drive to states such as South Australia as they provide a waste management, does it not show that Australians want, or should I say NEED this bill?”- Member of the Government retorts.

10.15am: The government pleads for the Opposition to be more aware, “I’d like you to be aware of what is happening around you and the environment, and to just read the bill please!”

10.19am: “I think not letting other states use these machines due to exploitation, defeats the whole purpose of this bill? Isn’t the aim to have everyone involved with this scheme?” The opposition fires back.

10.23am: The Government calls for action, “WE need to take a step up and start recycling”

10.24am: The bill is being read a second time

10.25am: An amendment is suggested by the opposition for 6 ‘Beverage container requirements’

10.26am: The amendment for clause 6 is agreed to

10.27: An amendment is suggested by the opposition for clause 7 ‘Eligibility criteria’

10.27: The amendment for clause 7 is agreed to

10.28: An amendment is suggested by the opposition for clause 9 ‘Location’

10.29: The amendment for clause 9 is agreed to

10.30am: The bill has not been agreed to be read a third time

10.31am: A unanimous decision is currently being made

10.35am: The Victorian Container Deposit Scheme Bill is passed with aye’s 32 and no’s 29

11:00am:  Mildura City Council bring forth their bill regarding Mental Health Early Intervention in Secondary School.

11:03am: “1 in 5 people will experience mental health issues in their life”- the Government argues.

11:08am: the Deaf Children’s Association rebutt’s back.

11:15am: clause 3 means that legally you can protect yourself , so you cant force a person to talk to a professional, the Opposition states.

11:22am: Intervention in year 10,11 or 12 is far too late  because the stigma attached to mental illness is already establish and therefore should be introduced in pre primary stages, the Opposition contends.

11:25am: One size fits all approach can not be taken when it comes to psychologist and by referring the same psychologist to all students it could make the issue of mental health worse- Opposition.

11:29am: The purpose who is conducting the assessment will not necessarily be working with these children, but establishing the child’s mental health status, the Government rebutts.

11:36am: If a child is found to have a mental health issue he/she will be referred to a psychology outside of the school, eliminating the aspect of stigma attached to seeing one within the school- the Government rebutts back.

11:42am: clause 7 will not be amended.

11:50am: The bill will be read a third time.


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