Monday 27th June 2016 – Part 2 Legislative Council

By Netania Lim

1:03pm: Bill on smoking laws now being debated in the Legislative Council.

1:09pm: The Mater Christi group is sponsoring this Bill to “enact a cultural change.”

Smoking Bill.jpg
Mater Christi introducing the debate. Credit: Netania Lim

1:15pm: Tessa Buchanan of the Overnewton group says that current legislation is effective in reducing tobacco usage while protecting fundamental rights of individuals to smoke.

1:26pm: A critical part of growing up is learning to be responsible, according to members of the Overnewton group.

1:29pm: Cigarette butts are one of the biggest causes of litter in Australia, say advocates of the smoking bill.

1:37pm: Supporters of the bill say the black market will not be affected if this bill were to pass.

1:41pm: Brodee Turner, an opponent of smoking prohibitions, says the black market will thrive.

1:42pm: “This is a matter of you hurting your fellow citizen,” says champions of smoking prohibitions.

1:46pm: Older people will still be able to smoke so the negative effects of second-hand smoking will still be present.

1:54pm: Amendments are now being debated.

1:59pm: The smoking prohibition bill has been passed.

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